Gear Cutting

For more than 50 years we are known for innovation and quality. In lots of areas of applications, OTT quality has prevailed.

Worm Gears

In addition to the OTT worm gears, we also manufacture Standard worm gears, Duplex worm gears and special design worm gears.


Our new quality products are the rotary compressors / rotary-screw compressors.

Complete Manufacturing

We manufacture completely, including material procurement, mechanical machining, heat treatment including test certificates.


High-end quality checks are being carried out on our products because of steadily rising demands for quality on the market.


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Zahnradfertigung OTT | Lohnverzahnen

Gearing Services

With our modern and versatile machinery we manufacture every type of gear to suit your demands.

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Internal Gear Cutting

Gear shaping of running gears, splines, metric and diametral pitch (DP)

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Außenverzahnung

External Gear Cutting

Gear hobbing of running gears, dog clutches, metric und diametral pitch (DP)

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Verzahnungsschleifen

Tooth Grinding

Profile grinding (beveled and straight)
When grinding profiles, we work gap by gap. The grinding wheel profile corresponds exactly to the finished profile of the toothing.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Nutstoßen

Keyway Machining

Single and multiple keyways
Keyway machining of single and multiple keyways in cylindrical bores and in blind holes with undercut.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Messen


Gear tooth & coordinate measurement
In our fully air-conditioned measure rooms in order to guarante the high quality requiements of our customers with a comprehensive test report.

Product examples

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Zahnradfertigung OTT | Stirnräder

Spur Gears

We are producing gearing for spur gears with all kinds of teeth – in exceptional quality.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Schneckenradsätze

Worm Drives

We are manufacturing standard- and duplex worm drives. Following DIN measurments or customers requests up to √ė 500 mm.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Wälzwerke

OTT worm gears

Our patented precision worm drive – the backlash is adjustable. Worm gears up to √ė 3,300 mm

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Wälzwerke


Our new quality products are the rotary compressors / rotary-screw compressors.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Kegelräder

Gearing Services

We manufacture every type of gear with our modern variety of machines – based upon your request.

Zahnradfertigung OTT | Kettenräder

Complete Manufacturing

Your manufactured parts come with with material procurement, mechanichal processing, thermal treatment and test certificates up to √ė 3,500 mm


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Gear Cutting
Worm Gears



Our company has occupied itself with gearing for 60 years. The profile of our areas of expertise has been 
further honed through constant pioneering development. Our customers, innovative designers and excellent 
employees are the engine for our constant growth. Almost 200 employees today supply the domestic and international markets with technology powered by Zahnradfertigung OTT.