Gear Tooth Measurement

Controlled quality

We have fully air-conditioned measurement facilities in which our quality standards are constantly tested. If required, our gears can be delivered with a comprehensive test report.

Our gear testing center provides the following data:

Module 1 to 32
Face width max 2,000 mm
Weight (t) up to 20 t

Work piece diameter:

Without brace max 3,500 mm
With brace max 2,000 mm

Grinding belt test:
In accordance with the Barkhausenrauschen-Analysis (BNA)

Crack testing:
Magnetic particle inspection / Penetration test

Additional workpiece dimensions and contract measurements are available on request.

Additional Services / Qualifications:

  • DGZfP certified testing team
  • Constant monitoring of measuring- and test-equipment
  • Identification and traceability of our products
  • Crack testing: magnetic particle inspection / penetration test
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Grind burn testing is performed following the Barkhausenrauschen-Analysis (BNA)
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